"I giovanotti del posto avevano l'abitudine di fare una passeggiata lungo i seicento metri di
spiaggia tra il Bagno Vanni e il Bagno Pellegrini. Camminavano sul banco di ghiaia vicino riva,
incuranti dei ciottoli puntuti. Quelli di Cecina si consideravano del posto perché tra Cecina
e Marina ci sono solo due chilometri. Volendo, avrebbero potuto farla a piedi."

Carlo Cassola

The task was to make a map of a part of the city reachable walking from a public transport station.

The chosen city wss Cecina, a small place on the see in Tuscany. The map was addressed to a new
person who, arrived by train, wants to visit the interesting parts.
To understand the role and the importance of the environmental images of Cecina, it was
necessary to speak with its inhabitants. Thus a questionnaire was made with few questions and
a place to draw a fast sketch of the city.
The questions were:

1. What are you thinking about when you
2. Describe Cecina to me. I just need few words.
3. Which are the elements that characterize it? Urban or of the landscape.
4. If I were a turist, what would you suggest me to see or to do?
5. If I should go from the station to the post office, how would you tell me the way to walk?
6. Draw how Cecina is done.


From the questionnaire it was clear that the city structure is based on two poles
connected by an axis.
The most important part are the city center in one side and the seacoast in the other.
Several building and structures were mentioned to be seen or as help for the orientation.
The natural elements, such the sea and the pinewood, were presented as the preciousness
of the city while its architecture sometimes was even defined as ugly. A big importance
was also given to its surrounding and its connection with bigger cities.

The map shows the city structure and two more detailed zooms on the center and the
seacoast. Landmarks are pointed on the map as well as illustrated. Icons mark meaningful
points according 6 categories: services, culture and education, religion, extra (things to
see or helpful for the orientation), commerce and free time, sports. Three routes - free time,
shopping and religion - are shown on the map with the time needed to go through them.

cec3 cec2 cec-leg cec8 cec11