The program consists of analysis of exchange processes and migratory movements, new models
of European urban life, re-negotiation of issues such as belonging, nationality and identity
in the making of new Europeanisation.

"Øreland" is the subject of an art intervention performed at the Nytrov square in Copenhagen
and Gustav Adolfs Square in Malmö. It consisted of simulated promotion/market research for
a new gigantic urban development, the Øreland, exaggeration of the existing new developments.
Øreland is a special master plan for Danish and Swedish accepting to become "Øresund Citizen"
and to lose their own nationality. It's developed on an artificial island of about the size of
Manhattan between Copenhagen and Malmö, directly connected with the Øresund Bridge and
ready in the 2020. The passers by were asked to give there opinion about this developments.
They answered a set of questions, which started from basic and simple estimation of the project
and continued in more and more absurd conditions and rules. Through this questioning the people
were confronted with the existing city development and encouraged to reveal their personal
position. The cultural intervention was presented in a public discussion at the DAC in Copenhagen
focused on the possibilities of artistic interventions in the context of urban planning.

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