The program consists of analysis of exchange processes and migratory movements, new models
of European urban life, re-negotiation of issues such as belonging, nationality and identity
in the making of new Europeanisation.

border city

The project focuses on the cross border relationship between Copenhagen and Malmö. The two cities
form a new European transnational metropolitan region, the Öresund, which, with the construction
of the Öresund Bridge in 2000, has grown to become one of the most dynamic region in northern Europe.
This new region is today undergoing a remarkable physical transformation, investments in infrastructures,
new housing, industrial developments and investments in the education are factors affecting space
production. The new places following the making of the Öresund Region, even if well connected through
infrastructures, lack integration with the existing city life and create new border within the cities.
The project focuses on specific borders, analysing their characteristics and development.

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